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Aerial Photography for Great Britain

Royal Circle
The Circus, Bath captured for APGB 09/09/2014
The principles of APGB delivery are to:

  • Provide members with access to a portfolio of core geographic data and ancillary services
  • Supply this data to members under uniform licensing arrangements
  • Enable the exchange of data, and any derived data between members, their contractors and the wider public to fulfil their public duties
  • Ensure members receive value for money
Next Perspectives business is delivering and maintaining best-in-class Aerial Photography and Height Data Products of Great Britain.

Next Perspectives was chosen by Government, because we provided the right geo-information products at the right price and with the right terms.

We aim to deliver, so that you can maximise the benefits of being a member of APGB!
March 7th 2018 Update
February Highlight Report now available to download.  46500 sqkm of 2017 updates now available on Geostore